Intellectual Property Rights

Law that secures the rights of the creators

Innovation and creativity must be protected. We have a team of members who extensively deal with issues related to Intellectual Property Law. The team deals extensively in protecting and safeguarding the rights/interests of intellectual property owners, whether companies or individuals.

Trademarks are any mark, symbol, word, letter or alphabet etc. which distinguishes the product/service of the seller from the rest. It is a kind of identification for the consumers/buyers.

Types: The Coca Cola Logo, the half bitten apple, the “thumbs-up” icon, etc.


Copyright is a right that vests with the owner or the creator of any kind of work like musical composition, literary works, artisan etc. The concept behind copyright is to legally protect the work of the creator from being misused.

Types: The story “Harry Potter”, song lyrics, video recordings, etc.


Patent is to protect inventions, whether product or process, by the inventor. It gives an exclusive right to a creator to sell, exploit, use the creation for a limited period of time.

Types: Magnetic Levitation, iPhone, Quadcopter Drone, etc.



  • Filing of trademark, patent, copyright and industrial design applications
  • Strategising and taking actions against infringement or violations through legal notice
  • IP licensing agreements and other agreements
  • IP litigation and prosecution

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